Richard L. Young

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Reprogramming of somatic cells to a pluripotent embryonic stem cell-like state has been achieved by nuclear transplantation of a somatic nucleus into an enucleated egg and most recently by introducing defined transcription factors into somatic cells. Nuclear reprogramming is of great medical interest, as it has the potential to generate a source of(More)
Using genome-wide analysis of transcription factor occupancy, we investigated the mechanisms underlying three mammalian growth arrest pathways that require the pRB tumor suppressor family. We found that p130 and E2F4 cooperatively repress a common set of genes under each growth arrest condition and showed that growth arrest is achieved through repression of(More)
Nutrient-evoked gastrointestinal reflexes are likely initiated by specialized epithelial cells located in the small intestine that detect luminal stimuli and release mediators that activate vagal endings. The G-protein alpha-gustducin, a key signal molecule in lingual taste detection, has been identified in mouse small intestine, where it may also subserve(More)
The stimulus effects of bupropion metabolites were examined in a drug discrimination procedure using (-)nicotine- and (+)amphetamine-trained rats. (+)- and (-)threohydrobupropion partially substituted in each group. R,R-hydroxybupropion produced vehicle-appropriate responding in (-)nicotine animals but, when given in combination with the training dose of(More)
Rats trained to discriminate (+/-) 2,5-dimethoxy-4-methylphenylisopropylamine (DOM) (1.0 mg/kg) from saline, using a standard two-lever operant task, were challenged with various doses of 3,4-methylenedioxyphenylisopropylamine (MDA) and several related agents. The (+/-)-DOM stimulus generalized to (+/-)-MDA, suggesting that both agents apparently produce(More)
Structurally, methcathinone is to cathinone what methamphetamine is to amphetamine. Due to increased interest in the abuse of such agents we wished to determine if certain derivatives of cathinone would behave in a manner consistent with what is known about their amphetamine counterparts; that is, can amphetamine structure-activity relationships be(More)
With regard to its chemical structure, methcathinone is to cathinone what methamphetamine is to amphetamine. Although it is a drug of abuse outside the United States, methcathione is only recently making an appearance on the clandestine market in this country and has just been classified a Schedule I substance under the Emergency Scheduling Act. We have(More)
OBJECTIVE Nutrient feedback from the small intestine modulates upper gastrointestinal function and energy intake; however, the molecular mechanism of nutrient detection is unknown. In the tongue, sugars are detected via taste T1R2 and T1R3 receptors and signalled via the taste G-protein alpha-gustducin (G alpha(gust)) and the transient receptor potential(More)