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Who has not seen programs written in one programming language that have the style of another language? Having experienced “Fortran with semicolons” and “C with a BASIC flavor” over the years, it occurred to me to wonder whether the programmer's first programming language had an effect on programming ability as profound as the effect(More)
Communication with the computer is by artificial languages: programming languages and command languages, as well as ad hoc languages of messages. While many such languages are sufficiently rich to permit proper expression of what must be said, some are so limited or inconsistent that a user must go to needless effort in learning the language and using it to(More)
This paper concerns strategic planning for information technology ± computers, networks, and tele-communications ± in decentralized organizations with autonomous sub-divisions and functional units. Long-term strategic planning, industry practice for years, is new to many components of the Federal government and useful lessons can be learned from progress(More)
least implicitly contain a model of its users. The user’s model will define what the system is expected to do in terms of user expectations. The system’s user model, first by anticipating and later by recognizing the knowledge and motivation in the user, will be able to respond appropriately to perceived levels of user ability. Early user models in the(More)
Pyster's text is a complete solution to one of those sample implementations. A pseudo-Pascal compiler is written from scratch and all phases of the compiler are covered in detail. The CANTOR compiler, which is the topic of most of the book, translates RASCAL source code into IBM 360-370 assembler language. Lexical analysis, parsing, error detection, etc.(More)
o..I have been able to make major refinements and to insert a lot of new material. I estimate that about 45 percent of the text has changed .... The explosive growth of seminumerical research in recent years has of course made it impossible for me to insert all of the beautiful ideas in this field that have been discovered since 1968; but I think that this(More)