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Keywords: Adaptive critic design Energy dispatch controller Neural network Photovoltaic Solar PV-priority controller a b s t r a c t In this paper two energy dispatch controllers for use in a grid-independent photovoltaic (PV) system are presented. The first, an optimal energy dispatch controller, is based on a class of Adaptive Critic Designs (ACDs) called(More)
This paper presents an optimal energy control scheme for a grid independent photovoltaic (PV) solar system consisting of a PV array, battery energy storage, and time varying loads (a small critical load and a larger variable non-critical load). The optimal controller design is based on a class of adaptive critic designs (ACDs) called the action dependant(More)
This study demonstrated the effectiveness of a computer-delivered smoking cessation program for the worksite. 58 VA Medical Center employees were randomly assigned to a computer group (computerized nicotine fading and stop-smoking contest) or a contest-only group. In comparison with the contest-only group, the computer group had nonsignificantly higher(More)
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