Richard L. Taylor

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Contents Preface xiii 1 The standard discrete system and origins of the finite element method 1 1.1 Introduction 1 1.2 The structural element and the structural system 3 1.3 Assembly and analysis of a structure 5 1.4 The boundary conditions 6 1.5 Electrical and fluid networks 7 1.6 The general pattern 9 1.7 The standard discrete system 10 1.8 Transformation(More)
SUMMARY We discuss the discretization using discontinuous Galerkin (DG) formulation of an elliptic Poisson problem. Two commonly used DG schemes are investigated: the original average flux proposed by Bassi and Rebay (J. by adopting a matrix based notation with a view to highlighting the steps required in a numerical implementation of the DG method. Through(More)
A novel pulsed class-B load-pull measurement system is developed to characterize GaN HEMTs targeting the design of high-efficiency class-B or class-C power amplifiers operating under a pulsed-bias and pulsed-RF (pulsed-IV/RF) condition. Based on a large-signal network analyzer, the test system uses an active load-pull method to provide stable open-loop(More)
We prove a portion of a conjecture of Conrad-Diamond-Taylor, which yields proofs of some 2-dimensional cases of the Fontaine-Mazur conjectures. Let ρ be a continuous odd irreducible l-adic Galois representation (l an odd prime) satisfying the hypotheses of the Fontaine-Mazur conjecture and such that ρ is modular. The notable additional hypotheses we must(More)
Low frequency noise characteristics of new high voltage, high performance complementary polysilicon emitter bipolar transistors have been studied. The influence of the base biasing resistance, emitter geometry, and temperature on the noise spectra are discussed. The npn transistors studied exhibited 1/f and shot noise. The pnp transistors, on the other(More)
We present a high magnetic coupling, low loss, stacked balun using a thick aluminum bonding metal layer over a thick copper layer. The thick copper is used to realize a differential primary input winding that resides directly underneath a single ended spiral winding using the aluminum. The spiral forms the single ended secondary output of the balun and is(More)
An important question in petrology is whether the production of granite magma in oro-gens is a closed-system process with respect to mass input from the mantle. This is commonly addressed by inversion of geochemical data from upper crustal granites, but a complementary approach is to assess the kinship of residual granulites and associated granites in(More)
Building upon work of Clozel, Harris, Shepherd-Barron, and Taylor, this thesis shows that certain Galois representations become automorphic after one makes a suitably large totally-real extension to the base field. The main innovation here is that the result applies to Galois representations to GL n , where previous work dealt with representations to GSp n.(More)