Richard L. Schmoyer

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We have previously shown that administration of the antioxidant butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) to mice produces lung damage that can be markedly potentiated by hyperoxia resulting in pulmonary fibrosis. In the present studies using this model, we show that: (1) in animals treated with BHT-O2, prednisolone given for 12 successive days does prevent excessive(More)
Urethane, a chemical that has given varied results in mutagenesis assays, was tested in the mouse specific-locus test, and its effect on germ-cell survival was explored. Altogether 32,828 offspring were observed from successive weekly matings of males exposed to the maximum tolerated i.p. dose of 1750 mg urethane/kg. The combined data rule out (at the 5%(More)
Note: Abstract + Text + References = 6529 words (with 1 table + 2 figures also attached, equivalent to 7329 words) ABSTRACT This paper details development of a system for using Nationwide Personal Transportation Survey (NPTS) data to estimate regional or local travel behavior vehicle and person trips and miles of travel. This system can be used by state or(More)
Twenty-two derivatives of naphthalene were assayed under an acute static regime with biological activity being monitored as population growth of Tetrahymena pyriformis. Activity varied over one log unit. Substituent constant structure-activity analyses revealed the model, log BR = 0.282Ha + 0.352 pi + 0.692F + 0.3341Xvsub - 0.326R + 0.027, to be best and to(More)
Baseline and mitomycin C (MMC)-induced sister chromatid exchanges (SCEs) in two human tumor cell lines (a colon tumor and a melanoma) and in a normal fibroblast cell line were analyzed and compared. The tumor cells showed numerical and structural chromosomal abnormalities. Their baseline SCE rate was slightly, but not significantly, higher than that of the(More)
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