Richard L. S. Forster

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Screening of an apple genomic library with (GA)15 and (GT)15 probes demonstrated that these repeats are abundant, occurring about every 120 and 190 kb, respectively. Microsatellites isolated from a small insert library enriched for (GA) repeats contained numbers of repeats ranging from 7 to 39. Primers to these microsatellite loci were able to direct the(More)
The triple gene block proteins (TGBp1-3) and coat protein (CP) of potexviruses are required for cell-to-cell movement. Separate models have been proposed for intercellular movement of two of these viruses, transport of intact virions, or a ribonucleoprotein complex (RNP) comprising genomic RNA, TGBp1, and the CP. At issue therefore, is the form(s) in which(More)
The functions of the protein products encoded by a block of three overlapping genes (the triple gene block) of white clover mosaic potexvirus (WCIMV) have been determined. Mutations were introduced into each of the triple gene block open reading frames and in vitro RNA transcripts assayed in plants and protoplasts. None of the mutants was able to induce(More)
The complete nucleotide sequence (5845 nucleotides) of the genomic RNA of the potexvirus white clover mosaic virus (WC1MV) has been determined from a set of overlapping cDNA clones. Forty of the most 5'-terminal nucleotides of WC1MV showed homology to the 5' sequences of other potexviruses. The genome contained five open reading frames which coded for(More)
Functions of the coat protein of white clover mosaic potexvirus (WCIMV) were investigated using C-terminal deletion mutants. Whereas plants inoculated with RNA transcripts of a full-length wild-type clone of WCIMV produced typical infections, plants inoculated with transcripts of each mutant did not produce symptoms, and viral RNA species were not detected(More)
This study reports the first sequence of a flexuous rod-shaped mycovirus and also the first molecular characterization of a virus that infects the plant-pathogenic fungus BOTRYTIS: cinerea. The mycovirus BOTRYTIS: virus F (BVF) contains an ssRNA genome of 6827 nucleotides and a poly(A) tract at or very near the 3' terminus. Computer analysis of the genomic(More)
Cell-to-cell movement of potexviruses requires cognate recognition between the viral RNA, the triple gene block proteins (TGBp1-3) and the coat protein (CP). cis-acting motifs required for recognition and translocation of viral RNA were identified using an artificial potexvirus defective RNA encoding a green fluorescent protein (GFP) reporter(More)
ABSTRACT Sequences of the coat protein (CP) and 3'-end nontranslated region (3'NTR) of 13 isolates and the helper component proteinase (HC) of nine isolates of potato A potyvirus (PVA) were determined and compared with the eight previously determined PVA CP and 3'NTR sequences and one HC sequence. CP amino acid (aa), 3'NTR nucleotide, and HC aa sequence(More)
Translation of a mixture of the two grapevine fanleaf virus (GFLV) RNAS in reticulocyte lysates in the presence of the amino acid analogs canavanine, S-aminoethyl-cysteine, and p-fluorophenylalanine gave two products of molecular weights (Mr) 220,000 (from RNA-1) and 125,000 (from RNA-2). In the absence of these analogs a protease apparently induced by(More)