J Mcgowan1
R Crouse1
Susan E Pease1
R Bilisoly1
Henry B Arantes1
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Motor performance depends on somatosensory feedback, and consistent with this finding, primary somatosensory (SI) cortex projects to several regions involved in motor control. Although the pathways mediating sensorimotor integration are known, few studies have compared their projection patterns. Therefore, in each animal, we injected two anterograde tracers(More)
  • Susan E Pease, Richard L Roth, Dean Mary Horan, Paul Altieri, J Mcgowan, F Bensics +26 others
  • 2010
The School of Arts and Sciences offers programs leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree, the Bachelor of Science degree, and the bachelor of fine arts degree. These programs are designed to provide a broad liberal education; the subject matter background for specific careers, including teaching; and the preparation for graduate work in a number of academic(More)
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