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Motor performance depends on somatosensory feedback, and consistent with this finding, primary somatosensory (SI) cortex projects to several regions involved in motor control. Although the pathways mediating sensorimotor integration are known, few studies have compared their projection patterns. Therefore, in each animal, we injected two anterograde tracers(More)
Heretofore, descriptions of direct interconnections between insect optic lobes have been based on histological examinations of normal brains or on inference from electrophysiological or behavioral data. We present here what we believe to be the first demonstration of such monosynaptic connections by techniques of experimental neuroanatomy. Twenty-four to 39(More)
  • R L Roth
  • 1979
In the goldfish, the optic nerve decussation occurs without intermingling of fibers from the two eyes. In two-thirds of juvenile and adult specimens, the left optic nerve is dorsal at the midline. In about 60% of the specimens, the decussation of Mauthner's neuron also has a left-dorsal-to-right (L/R) configuration. Concordance for decussation geometry is(More)
Expulsion of the intestinal helminth, Nippostrongylus brasiliensis, occurs spontaneously about 2 weeks after a primary infection of rats and mice. Cellular changes in the small intestine coincident with the period of expulsion have suggested several mechanisms by which this 'self-cure' may be effected. Local anaphylaxis was proposed as a possible means of(More)
BACKGROUND Antipsychotic drugs have many side effects, including elevation of prolactin levels through tuberoinfundibular dopamine-receptor blockade. Although a number of studies claim that aripiprazole is a prolactin-sparing antipsychotic drug that may even lower prolactin levels, there has not been an exhaustive evaluation of this claim. OBJECTIVE The(More)
The United States Supreme Court agreed with the Secretary of Health and Human Services that Guernsey Memorial Hospital's advance refunding transaction costs would be subject to a medicare reimbursement policy that is not based upon generally accepted accounting principles. According to the sharp dissent in this case, this policy, set forth in a manual(More)
The Medicare Act entitles qualified providers to reimbursement for the "reasonable cost" of furnishing hospital services to Medicare beneficiaries. The Sixth Circuit's decision in Guernsey Memorial Hospital demonstrates the tension between generally accepted accounting principles and Medicare reimbursement principles.
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