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OBJECTIVE To determine the day-to-day intraindividual variability of fasting plasma glucose (FPG) in newly diagnosed Caucasian type 2 diabetic subjects. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS A total of 193 newly diagnosed, previously untreated, Caucasian type 2 diabetic subjects (135 men, 58 women) had FPG measured on two consecutive days (FPG1, FPG2). Ethical(More)
AIMS Patients with Type 2 diabetes mellitus more often report a history of an affected mother than father. However, in the few studies where both parents and offspring have been directly tested, this apparent maternal excess has not been confirmed. Rodent models of diabetes have the advantage that all parents and offspring can undergo glucose tolerance(More)
OBJECTIVE The Cockcroft-Gault (CG) and Modification of Diet in Renal Disease (MDRD) equations previously have been recommended to estimate glomerular filtration rate (GFR). We compared both estimates with true GFR, measured by the isotopic (51)Cr-EDTA method, in newly diagnosed, treatment-naïve subjects with type 2 diabetes. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS A(More)
AIMS The purpose of this study was to describe the demographic and employment characteristics of Australian practice nurses and explore the relationship between these characteristics and the nurses' role. BACKGROUND Nursing in general practice is an integral component of primary care and chronic disease management in the United Kingdom and New Zealand,(More)
In both fasting normal and diabetic subjects, nasally administered insulin achieves significant falls in plasma glucose concentrations. Repeated administration before and during a meal has been necessary to lower postprandial glycaemic excursion in subjects with NIDDM. We have studied the use of Novolin Nasal which employs a non-irritant, lecithin-based(More)
The familial predisposition to Type 2 diabetes mellitus is mediated by both genetic and intrauterine environmental factors. In the normal course of events, maternal genes always develop in the same uterus, thus restricting studies aimed at investigating the relative contribution of these factors. We have developed an embryo transfer paradigm in rats to(More)
Estimation of GFR (eGFR) is recommended for the assessment of kidney function in all patients with diabetes. We studied performance of the traditional ‘186’ Modification of Diet in Renal Disease (MDRD) equation, and the 2005 revised ‘175’ MDRD equation in patients with type 2 diabetes. Two hundred and ninety-three mainly normoalbuminuric (267/293) patients(More)
1 T he American Diabetes Association recommends estimation of glomer-ular filtration rate (GFR) (1) by either the Cockcroft-Gault (2) or the Modification of Diet in Renal Disease (MDRD) (3) equation in all patients with diabetes. The implication is that these equations provide similar results. Body weight is a numerator in the Cockcroft-Gault equation;(More)
Recent work in healthy subjects, the aged, and subjects with gestational diabetes or drug-induced insulin resistance using minimal model analysis of the tolbutamide-modified frequently sampled intravenous glucose tolerance test suggested that a reduced sampling regimen of 12 time points produced unbiased and generally acceptable estimates of insulin(More)
BACKGROUND Ventilator associated pneumonia remains an important concern in the intensive care unit (ICU). An increasing body of evidence shows that mortality and morbidity can be reduced by implementing a range of preventive strategies, including optimizing oral hygiene. AIM The aim of this feasibility study was to test two oral hygiene strategies on the(More)