Richard L Lock

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Cardiovascular and respiratory effects of pediatric preanesthetic premedication have received only minimal attention, probably because most children tolerate such drugs without apparent ill effect. In children with congenital heart disease or other serious illness, there is often reluctance to use premedication. We sought to determine whether different(More)
A patient had a subclavian vein catheter placed under general endotracheal anesthesia with positive pressure ventilation. During placement, the superior vena cava, pleura, and pulmonary tissue were punctured, resulting in a tension pneumo/hemothorax, the detection of which was complicated by its slow onset and unusual location. The lesion required an(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To define the cardiovascular effects of rectal methohexital in children with normal cardiac function. DESIGN Cardiovascular evaluation of each patient was performed before and after medication. Each patient's predrug results were used as control measurements for comparison with measurements made after methohexital administration. SETTING(More)
We studied the effect of high MW cartilage sulfation (somatomedin) inhibitors from rat liver on cartilage growth in vitro. Pelvic rudiments from 11-day-old chicken embryos (5.70 mg average weight) were incubated in an organ-culture system with defined tissue-culture medium; after two days (T0-2), media were changed and incubation continued for another three(More)
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