Richard L. Gilbert

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We ask under what conditions transmission contracts increase or mitigate market power. We show that the allocation process of transmission rights is crucial. In an efficiently arbi-traged uniform price auction generators will only obtain contracts that mitigate their market power. However, if generators inherit transmission contracts or buy them in a(More)
From 1997 through 2003, the UN Oil for Food Program allowed Iraq to export oil for humanitarian supplies. We hypothesize that Iraq deliberately set the price of its oil below market prices to solicit bribes from oil buyers. By comparing the price gap between Iraqi oil and its close substitutes during the Program to the gap prior to the Program, we find(More)
Sober chronic alcoholic males, sober nonalcoholic males, and intoxicated nonalcoholic males were assessed along several psychological dimensions by means of the content analysis of speech. Average cognitive impairment scores were significantly greater among intoxicated nonalcoholics than sober chronic alcoholics and significantly greater in sober chronic(More)
This paper describes a platform for real-time sensing of dissolved oxygen in a flowing microfluidic environment using an oxygen-sensitive luminescent dye (platinum octaethylporphyrin ketone) integrated into a micro-oxygenator device. Using a phase-based detection method, the luminescent decay lifetime of the dye was consistent with the linear Stern-Volmer(More)
and the University of Manitoba for valuable comments and discussions; Raymond and Lila Atkinson for their invaluable support during the data collection process; and Michaelle Tuz-Atkinson for collecting prices from the Internet. I am solely responsible for any errors or omissions. The views expressed in this paper are my own, and are not purported to be(More)
In Europe and in Japan, patent applications are publicly disclosed after 18 month from the filing date regardless of whether a patent has been or will be registered. In the U.S. in contrast, patent applications are publicly disclosed only when a patent is granted. In this paper we examine the consequences of this difference for (i) firm's R&D and patenting(More)
The present study compared communication patterns and satisfaction levels between three-dimensional (3D) and real-life intimate relationships using a sample of 71 participants who were concurrently involved in an intimate relationship within Second Life and a separate real-life romantic relationship. Participants indicated that the quality of their(More)
One hundred and ninety-nine participants, each of whom was currently involved in an intimate relationship within the 3D virtual world of Second Life, completed measures assessing whether they (1) viewed their 3D virtual relationship as an exercise in fantasy or one that had a quality of realism, and (2) perceived the personality characteristics of their 3D(More)
Electricity mergers pose distinctive challenges for competition policy-in market definition and for modelling price impacts in markets with no storage, inelastic short-run demand and transmission constraints. FERC's pivotal supply test for screening mergers is an improvement on market shares, but still potentially misleading. We counter-propose competitive(More)