Richard L. Edwards

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New techniques and procedures are described that enable one to measure the mechanical properties of polysilicon films that are 3.5 μm thick. Polysilicon is deposited onto a silicon substrate which is then etched away to leave a tensile specimen in the middle of the die. The grip ends of the structure are glued to the grips of a linear air bearing attached(More)
New radiocarbon calibration curves, IntCal04 and Marine04, have been constructed and internationally ratified to replace the terrestrial and marine components of IntCal98. The new calibration data sets extend an additional 2000 yr, from 0–26 cal kyr BP (Before Present, 0 cal BP = AD 1950), and provide much higher resolution, greater precision, and more(More)
Nearly all patients with cancer manifest laboratory evidence of hypercoagulability and some develop clinical thromboembolic disease (TED). Routine laboratory studies of blood coagulation have been performed in several large, prospective trials of the use of anticoagulant drugs in cancer treatment. The results of these studies, as well as data from several(More)
The current economic climate has been particularly hard on non-profit and public human services organizations, frequently resulting in managing organizational decline. The authors believe that the dominant concern should be with fostering organizational growth. To this end, they suggest that nonprofit board members and executives, as well as public sector(More)
Studies have shown that distributed pair programming improves student performance and retention in online computer science (CS) courses. However, as online CS courses become more commonly offered in computer science and Informatics departments around the country, it is imperative that distributed pair programming becomes as effective as when performed in(More)
Child support enforcement (CSE) has experienced dramatic changes in the last decade; however, it is not clear whether child support staff is fully aware of the development. Using data from the New Jersey child support training program (n = 530), this article aims to evaluate the professional knowledge of child support staff. The results show that(More)
Over the last ten years, New Media has ascended to a prominent place in many fields that utilize communication technologies. At the same time, New Media education has evolved in such a way that students are often not prepared to understand the social context of New Media design and development. To produce New Media professionals who are adequately prepared(More)