Richard Kronland-Martinet

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We investigate the behaviour of the continuous wavelet and Gabor coefficients in the asymptotic limit, using stationary phase approximations. In particular, we show how, under some additional assumptions, these coefficients allow the extraction of some characteristics of the analysed signal, like for example frequency and amplitude modulation laws. We also(More)
The present work investigates the relationship between semantic and prosodic (metric) processing in spoken language under 2 attentional conditions (semantic and metric tasks) by analyzing both behavioral and event-related potential (ERP) data. Participants listened to short sentences ending in semantically and/or metrically congruous or incongruous(More)
A model of transverse piano string vibration, second order in time, which models frequency-dependent loss and dispersion effects is presented here. This model has many desirable properties, in particular that it can be written as a well-posed initial-boundary value problem (permitting stable finite difference schemes) and that it may be directly related to(More)
This paper presents a sound synthesis model that reproduces impact sounds by taking into account both the perceptual and the physical aspects of the sound. For that, we used a subtractive method based on dynamic filtering of noisy input signals that simulates the damping of spectral components. The resulting sound contains the perceptual characteristics of(More)
The aim of these experiments was to compare conceptual priming for linguistic and for a homogeneous class of nonlinguistic sounds, impact sounds, by using both behavioral (percentage errors and RTs) and electrophysiological measures (ERPs). Experiment 1 aimed at studying the neural basis of impact sound categorization by creating typical and ambiguous(More)
The present study investigated the effect of handwriting sonification on graphomotor learning. Thirty-two adults, distributed in two groups, learned four new characters with their non-dominant hand. The experimental design included a pre-test, a training session, and two post-tests, one just after the training sessions and another 24h later. Two characters(More)
The difference between standards used for films and for video generates problems when a conversion from one format to another is required : Since all the images are displayed, the change of frame rate induces a pitch change on the sound. To avoid this problem, the whole soundtrack has to be processed during the duplication. In this paper, we address the(More)
A difficult issue in the synthesis of piano tones by physical models is to choose the values of the parameters governing the hammer-string model. In fact, these parameters are hard to estimate from static measurements, causing the synthesis sounds to be unrealistic. An original approach that estimates the parameters of a piano model, from the measurement of(More)