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Many physical, chemical and biological processes taking place at the land surface are strongly influenced by the amount of water stored within the upper soil layers. Therefore, many scientific disciplines require soil moisture observations for developing, evaluating and improving their models. One of these disciplines is meteorology where soil moisture is(More)
The evolution of the human foot presents an obfuscation: explanations for its occurrence and the exact nature of mechanisms of change are still not fully understood. This article outlines a model of adaptation from a primitive ape foot and presents this as a hypothesis. Evidence substantiating the hypothesis is then presented, which explains many of the(More)
There is an increasing availability of free and open access resources for chemists to use on the internet. Coupled with the increasing availability of Open Source software tools we are in the middle of a revolution in data availability and tools to manipulate these data. ChemSpider is a free access website for chemists built with the intention of providing(More)
The discharge summary (DS) is a summary of an inpatient admission, patient's health state, and future treatment plans which is delivered to the patient's primary care provider. The DS is often incomplete, inaccurate, or unclear. The aim of this project was to improve the quality of the DS through the use of an electronic prompting system. The electronic(More)
In the SIBERIA-II project Earth Observation (EO) data are used to derive a set of products, which are then fed into global and regional greenhouse gas accounting approaches. The overall aim of the project is to devise an integrated " EO-modelling " methodology for full carbon accounting at regional scale, and to quantify the accounting for an over 3 Mio km(More)
  • David M Andrews, Laura M, Paul J Fox, David N A Gallagher, Timothy Garland, Stephen L Kidd +9 others
  • 2016
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