Richard Kidd

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Many physical, chemical and biological processes taking place at the land surface are strongly influenced by the amount of water stored within the upper soil layers. Therefore, many scientific disciplines require soil moisture observations for developing, evaluating and improving their models. One of these disciplines is meteorology where soil moisture is(More)
There is an increasing availability of free and open access resources for chemists to use on the internet. Coupled with the increasing availability of Open Source software tools we are in the middle of a revolution in data availability and tools to manipulate these data. ChemSpider is a free access website for chemists built with the intention of providing(More)
ASCAT and SMOS soil moisture products were validated for the year 2010 in the Rur and Erft catchments in the west of Germany. In situ data of three test sites of the TERENO initiative were used to calibrate the hydrological model WaSiM-ETH, which was applied to generate a soil moisture reference for the whole study area. Comparison of SMOS soil moisture(More)
We present and assess a diurnal difference indicator that is related directly to the seasonal freeze-thaw effects, focusing, in this paper, primarily on the onset of snowmelt and terrestrial thawing. In order to be able to provide a level of certainty with the indicator our approach is based upon the development, and application, of a noise model that(More)
In today's world of entertainment computers are used more than ever to take the viewer to new "places" in games, television & feature films. In games, we drive a stock car around the high banks of the Daytona International Speedway. In television we become part of an alien world at a scheduled time each week, and in feature films we set sail on the open(More)
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