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OBJECTIVE To outline the diagnosis and management of intralabyrinthine schwannomas and to propose a new classification system to further define them. STUDY DESIGN Retrospective case review. SETTING Tertiary referral center at a university hospital. PATIENTS Twenty-eight patients seen at the institution with intralabyrinthine schwannomas between 1996(More)
PURPOSE To describe the clinical features of and identify the disease-causing mutation in a large Utah family segregating a dominantly inherited syndrome of optic atrophy, sensorineural hearing loss, ptosis, and ophthalmoplegia. DESIGN Observational case series. METHODS Thirty individuals at risk for a syndrome of optic atrophy, sensorineural hearing(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE ILS is a rare lesion that has a different management from the more common "acoustic" schwannoma. To date, only 137 cases have been reported. We present a classification scheme based on labyrinthine anatomy to describe and localize these lesions. Treatment and prognosis hinge on the appropriate localization of these tumors; thus, a(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the effectiveness of two stapes prostheses in hearing improvement of patients undergoing stapes surgery for otosclerosis. STUDY DESIGN Retrospective chart review. METHODS Titanium and Teflon wire stapes prostheses were compared with regard to effectiveness in closing the air-bone gap. The charts of 461 stapedectomies performed by(More)
Recent studies have confirmed that artificial neural networks (ANNs) are adept at recognising patterns in sets of clinical data. The diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction (AMI) in patients presenting with chest pain remains one of the greatest challenges in emergency medicine. The aim of this study was to evaluate the performance of an ANN trained to(More)
The current outbreak of Zika virus (ZIKV) infection has been associated with an apparent increased risk of congenital microcephaly. We describe a case of a pregnant woman and her fetus infected with ZIKV during the 11th gestational week. The fetal head circumference decreased from the 47th percentile to the 24th percentile between 16 and 20 weeks of(More)
Fatty acids (FAs) are important as metabolic substrates and as structural components of biological membranes. However, they also function as signalling molecules. Recently, a series of G protein-coupled receptors (GPRs) for FAs has been described and characterized. These receptors have differing specificities for FAs of differing chain length and degree of(More)
The accurate determination of gastric emptying time requires correction or compensation for tissue attenuation. The gold standard for tissue attenuation correction for gastric emptying is the geometric mean of the gastric counts from the anterior and posterior views. For reasons of efficiency, many community hospitals acquire only the anterior projection.(More)
OBJECTIVE Stromal cell-derived factor-1 (SDF-1) is expressed in pre-adipocytes but its role is unknown. We investigated butyrate (a histone deacetylase inhibitor--HDACi) and other short-chain fatty acids (SCFA) in the regulation of SDF-1. We further investigated whether effects of SCFA were signalled through G protein-coupled receptors FFA2 and FFA3. (More)