Richard Karsten

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For many expensive deterministic computer simulators, the outputs do not have replication error and the desired metamodel (or statistical emulator) is an interpolator of the observed data. Realizations of Gaussian spatial processes (GP) are commonly used to model such simulator outputs. Fitting a GP model to n data points requires the computation of the(More)
Successful biological control of mites is possible under various conditions, and identifying what are the requirements for robust control poses a challenge because interacting factors are involved. Process-based modeling can help to explore these interactions and identify under which conditions biological control is likely, and when not. Here, we present a(More)
The attempt to determine the population growth rate from field data reveals several ambiguities in its definition(s), which seem to throw into question the very concept itself. However, an alternative point of view is proposed that not only preserves the identity of the concept, but also helps discriminate between competing models for capturing the data.
In classical demographic theory, reproductive value and stable age distribution are proportional to the sensitivities of the asymptotic population size to changes in mortality and maternity, respectively. In this note we point out that analogous relationships hold if the maternity function is allowed to depend on the population density. The relevant(More)
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