Richard Jorgensen

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We have attempted to explain co-suppression in terms of a hypothesis whereby homologous sequences are able to interact somatically in trans, in a manner influenced by sequence context or location. We have speculated that there might be mechanistic similarities between co-suppression and some other trans interaction and epigenetic phenomena in plants, fungi(More)
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the well-known tendency of particular maladies to show breed-specificity can be used to infer likely sharing of descent of the causative alleles. As made clear in the volume under review, this is as true of major-gene diseases such as copper toxicosis and various retinopathies, as it is of the more complex and more prevalent cardiomyopathies, cancers, and(More)
Nationwide demographic trends indicating a growing elderly population are creating interest in a number of senior related services, especially within the health care industry. A relatively new concept in senior care, assisted living, may well be the greatest area of growth in the senior housing industry today. Understanding assisted living, the factors(More)
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