Richard-Jinjr Lee

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The goal of the project was to begin development of a new approach to the statistical analysis of scientiic data, appropriate for and applicable to the very large data sets now being produced by advanced measurement systems and computational models. Because most analytical and even graphical paradigms of data analysis in current use have been developed in(More)
In this paper we show how a model of parallel computation called <italic>Eduction</italic> (tagged demand-driven dataflow) can be implemented on a hypercube. The resulting implementation is called <italic>Hyperflow</italic>. In addition we will deal with the issue of programmability of the hypercube through use of the declarative language Lucid.
We discuss the problem of optimizing the utilization of communication satellite capacity. The modern fixed satellite service provider seeks improved methods to optimize the amount of service demand that is accommodated by capacity available on its satellite network. A mixed-integer programming (MIP) model is proposed for the solution of the problem, as part(More)
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