Richard Jaenisch

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Timp-1 has been implicated as a suppressor of tumor metastasis. To study the relative importance of Timp-1 expression by tumor vs host during tumor invasion, three pairs of co-isogenic, tumorigenic cells containing wild-type or mutant Timp-1 alleles were generated. These were used in experimental metastasis assays in wild-type or Timp-1-deficient mice.(More)
As already known, phiX174 replicative-form DNA is separated into two components when sedimented in a sucrose gradient. The faster component, I, is not denatured by heat treatment, whereas the slower component, II, is converted to single strands. Only the infectivity of component II increases after heat denaturation. A quantitative comparison of data(More)
A selective adsorption method is presented which allows a rapid separation of phiX174 replicative form DNA from single-stranded phiX174 phage DNA, facilitating the handling of a large number of samples. The single-stranded phiX174 DNA is selectively adsorbed to silicic acid coated with methylated albumin. After removal of the adsorbent by sedimentation, at(More)