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The likelihood that the firm's information systems are insufficiently protected against certain kinds of damage or loss is known as " systems risk. " Risk can be managed or reduced when managers are aware of the full range of controls available and implement the most effective controls. Unfortunately, they often lack this knowledge and their subsequent(More)
In response to the growing proliferation of Business Process Management (BPM) in industry and the demand this creates for BPM expertise, universities across the globe are at various stages of incorporating knowledge and skills in their teaching offerings. However, there are still only a handful of institutions that offer specialized education in BPM in a(More)
In the information systems literature the incidence of implementation failures has increasingly been attributed to excessive attention to technical and economic issues, and an absence of concern about the social, political, and psychological (individual) aspects of the system being developed. On an intuitive level this has been explained by assuming a(More)
A 12-wk double-blind study was conducted to determine the effect of oral zinc supplementation upon serum total cholesterol, lipoprotein-cholesterol fractions, and serum triglycerides in white males. The subjects were randomly assigned to one of three treatment groups and consumed either a placebo tablet (n = 9), 50 mg Zn/d (n = 13), or 75 mg Zn/d (n = 9) as(More)
A Conceptual Investigation of the E-commerce Industry Electronic commerce, or activities that directly support commerce by means of electronic (networked) connections , is redefining the very foundations of competitiveness in terms of information content and information delivery mechanisms. Flows of information over international networks have created an(More)