Richard J. Tomsett

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Local field potentials (LFPs) sampled with extracellular electrodes are frequently used as a measure of population neuronal activity. However, relating such measurements to underlying neuronal behaviour and connectivity is non-trivial. To help study this link, we developed the Virtual Electrode Recording Tool for EXtracellular potentials (VERTEX). We first(More)
While the physics of local field potential (LFP) generation are well-established, the complexity of neural network dynamics means that interpreting LFP measurements in terms of the underlying neural activity is very difficult [1]. Recent studies have therefore investigated forward models of the LFP: calculating the LFP due to known arrangements of neuronal(More)
Local field potentials (LFPs), measured using extracellu-lar electrodes, provide information about local neuronal population activity. The development of multi-electrode arrays (MEAs) that measure LFPs simultaneously at different network locations has led to a renewed interest in the LFP as a measure of neuronal network activity [1]. While there is a(More)
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