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On the design of digital filters with coefficients of limited word length, " IEEE Trans. Audio Electroacoust., vol. word length problem for digital filters, " IEEE Trans. Circuits R. E. Crochiere, " A new statistical approach t o the coefficient Analysis of quantization mors in the direct form for finite impulse response digital filters, " [ 301 R. E.(More)
Temporal bone morphology, as part of the basicranium, is commonly used in systematic evaluation of early hominid fossils. When an isolated right temporal bone, KNM-BC 1 (the Chemeron temporal) was discovered in the Baringo Basin, Kenya, Tobias (1967 a, Nature215, 476-480), citing ambiguity of characters, hesitated to place the specimen generically,(More)
Walking gait is generally held to reach maturity, including walking at adult-like velocities, by 7-8 years of age. Lower limb length, however, is a major determinant of gait, and continues to increase until 13-15 years of age. This study used a sample from the Fels Longitudinal Study (ages 8-30 years) to test the hypothesis that walking with adult-like(More)
OBJECTIVES This article illustrates the use of applied Bayesian statistical methods in modeling the trajectory of adult grip strength and in evaluating potential risk factors that may influence that trajectory. METHODS The data consist of from 1 to 11 repeated grip strength measurements from each of 498 men and 533 women age 18-96 years in the Fels(More)
The incidence of obesity in the United States and other developed countries is epidemic. Because the prevalence of comorbidities to obesity, such as type 2 diabetes, has also increased, it is clear there is a great need to monitor and treat obesity and its comorbidities. Body composition assessments vary in precision and in the target tissue of interest.(More)
Numerous studies have detected significant contributions of genes to variation in development, size, and shape of craniofacial traits in a number of vertebrate taxa. This study examines 43 quantitative traits derived from lateral cephalographs of 830 baboons (Papio hamadryas) from the pedigreed population housed at the Southwest National Primate Research(More)
Several researchers have investigated, or commented on, the relative placement of the hominin mandibular fossa with regard to brain expansion and masticatory function. Two confounding factors are identified in this previous work. First, a number of different measurement techniques have been applied, confusing comparisons between studies. Second, the effects(More)
The hominoid mandibular symphysis has received a great deal of attention from anatomists, human biologists, and paleontologists. Much of this research has focused on functional interpretations of symphyseal shape variation. Here, we examine the two-dimensional cross-sectional shape of the adult mandibular symphysis for 45 humans, 42 chimpanzees, 37(More)
The primary objective of this study was to characterize normal variation in radiographic joint space of the knee in a large sample of healthy young adults and to identify factors that contribute to this variation. We measured radiographic knee joint space in 279 skeletally mature subjects, age between 16 and 22 years, who participated in the Fels(More)
Occupational hygiene is the measurement and control of the working environment with the object of safeguarding the health of people at work. Traditionally in Great Britain the two ways of approaching industrial health problems which have developed are those of the industrial medical officer from within the factory and the factory inspector through the(More)