Richard J. Passmore

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Skeletal changes in pregnancy and lactation 253 fed rats. The spleens of rats with lower calcium intakes showed a weight gain during gestation which disappeared during the subsequent lactation. 7. Fertility of the dam and mothering instinct were not impaired, even in severe calcium deficiency. The weight of the young at birth and the number of young in a(More)
HYSIOLOGICAL STUDY of man's food needs and capacity for physical work began on a systematic basis about seventy years ago. Following upon Atwater's classic experiments with a human calorimeter at the end of the last century, the validity of using rates of oxygen consumption as the basis for measuring energy expenditure (indirect calorimetry) was firmly(More)
The glycogen in the liver cannot rise above 15 % and it is stated in textbooks that the capacity of muscle to store glycogen is limited. It would be considered unlikely that this total store could be more than doubled. Hence, if an individual consumed 400 g of carbohydrate in excess of his energy requirements, then it would be expected that there would be a(More)