Richard J Ort

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Transverse white nail bands (leukonychia) have been described in association with systemic illnesses and exposure to toxins, and medications. We describe the occurrence of transverse nail bands in two patients following acute systemic illnesses. In the first case, transverse white nail bands developed in a 30-year-old human immunodeficiency virus-positive(More)
Traditional methods of hair removal have proven unsatisfactory for many individuals with excessive or unwanted hair. In the last few years, several lasers and xenon flashlamps have been developed that promise to fulfill the need for a practical, safe, and long-lasting method of hair removal. Aggressive marketing of these has contributed to their popularity(More)
Conventional treatment options for hypertrichosis and hirsutism are tedious and time consuming. Laser hair removal offers an efficient way to permanently reduce excessive hair growth. Hair is damaged using the principle of selective photothermolysis with wavelengths of light well absorbed by follicular melanin and pulse durations that selectively thermally(More)
BACKGROUND Closed dressings are thought to promote postoperative wound healing after laser skin resurfacing; however, quantitative data are lacking. OBJECTIVE To compare postoperative healing after combination carbon dioxide and erbium:YAG full-face laser skin resurfacing in patients who were treated with a silicone occlusive dressing (Silon-TSR; Bio Med(More)
Resting epidermal keratinocytes do not express B7-1 and other known CD28 counterligands with costimulatory activity. The absence of these costimulators on keratinocytes correlates with their ability to preferentially induce T-cell anergy instead of T-cell activation. To test the hypothesis that keratinocytes expressing a CD28 counterligand would be more(More)
Expression of the B7-1 (CD80) costimulatory molecule in a variety of tumor cell lines leads to an enhanced CD8+ T cell response to tumor Ags. We used transgenic mice constitutively expressing B7-1 on keratinocytes (K14/B7-1 line) to determine whether keratinocyte B7-1 expression would inhibit the development of papillomas and carcinomas following two-stage(More)
The presence of unwanted hair continues to plague many individuals for whom traditional methods of hair removal remain unsatisfactory. Laser and flashlamp technology now offers the potential for rapid, safe, and effective treatment of unwanted hair. An ever-increasing number of published studies have confirmed the long-term efficacy of laser and flashlamp(More)
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