Richard J MacEwan

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Soil degradation has been associated with a lack of adequate consideration of soil ecosystem services. We demonstrate a broadly applicable method for mapping changes in the supply of two priority soil ecosystem services to support decisions about sustainable land-use configurations. We used a landscape-scale study area of 302 km(2) in northern Victoria,(More)
Agricultural pesticides are widely used and can affect freshwater organisms. We applied a spatially explicit exposure model, validated for central Europe, to estimate exposure to insecticides through runoff for streams in south-eastern Australia. The model allows the identification of streams potentially affected by insecticide runoff located in 10×10 km(More)
Important Disclaimer: CSIRO Land and Water advises that the information contained in this publication comprises general statements based on scientific research. The reader is advised and needs to be aware that such information may be incomplete or unable to be used in any specific situation. No reliance or actions must therefore be made on that information(More)
EXTENDED ABSTRACT Rural landscapes serve complex and often competing demands of society. They are used by people to generate income (eg. agriculture, mining, and tourism), to provide a living space, to provide quality of life (clean water, recreation, and social activities), and to provide biodiversity. Agriculture has created a new ecology in the rural(More)
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