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Healthcare facilities, especially hospitals, are under financial pressure to control cost. One element that affects cost significantly is staff. We have developed a tool that integrates a simulation model and an integer linear program (ILP). The simulation model establishes the staffing requirements for each period, and the ILP produces an optimal calendar(More)
Transporter is a critical part of Supply Chain integration. An international transporter process involves multiple ground pickup and delivery operations, package sorting and palletizing, airport operations and air transport. This paper describes a successful two-machine implementation of a distributed simulation model for an international transportation(More)
Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems (AS/RS's) automatically perform storage and retrieval functions in a manufacturing facility. They have assured themselves a place of value in the factory of the present, as well as in the factory of the future. This paper presents an evaluation of different control algorithms of a single-aisle single-stacker AS/RS, using(More)
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