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In the early 1980's, research and development was initiated on methods to test the developing International Standards Organization's Open Systems Interconnection (ISO/OSI) communications protocols. In 1983, ISO initiated work to develop standardized test methods. A tutorial overview of the test methods and test notation named q'TCN which were developed(More)
The past decade has been a period of intense growth and development in data communications protocols. This is particularly true with respect to international standards with the development of the Open Systems Interconnection-Basic Reference Model [4], [42] and related standardized protocols [24]. Accompanying this growth and development have been(More)
Traditional machining economics looks into the optimal set of machining conditions under which the production cost or time per part is minimized. No due dates are included in the consideration. Job sequencing searches for the optimal order of jobs so that lateness and/or earliness is minimized. The optimization assumes that processing times are fixed. In(More)