Richard J. Linn

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In the early 1980's, research and development was initiated on methods to test the developing International Standards Organization's Open Systems Interconnection (ISO/OSI) communications protocols. In 1983, ISO initiated work to develop standardized test methods. A tutorial overview of the test methods and test notation named q'TCN which were developed(More)
The past decade has been a period of intense growth and development in data communications protocols. This is particularly true with respect to international standards with the development of the Open Systems Interconnection-Basic Reference Model [4], [42] and related standardized protocols [24]. Accompanying this growth and development have been(More)
The Federal HPCC Program is a 10-agency billion dollar per year effort to accelerate the development of high performance computing and communications technologies and the diffusion of these technologies to improve U.S. competitiveness and the well-being of citizens.