Richard J. Kramer

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The completion of the sequencing of the human genome, and those of other organisms, is expected to lead to many potential new drug targets in various diseases, and it is predicted that novel therapeutic agents will be developed against such targets. The role of functional genomics in modern drug discovery is to prioritize these targets and to translate that(More)
In the Japan Atomic Energy Agency, several studies have been conducted on the use of voxel models for internal dosimetry. Absorbed fractions (AFs) and S values have been evaluated for preclinical assessments of radiopharmaceuticals using human voxel models and a mouse voxel model. Computational calibration of in vivo measurement system has been also made(More)
Amici Curiae are an interdisciplinary group of legal and family scholars with an interest in the role of marriage in law and society. An expert in the field of law and economics, he has studied issues related to the family for 20 years and has published 15 articles on family economics in journals such as the American many publications on constitutional(More)
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