Richard J. Kenefic

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Detection of a memoryless nonlinear functional of a Gaussian process in additive Gaussian white noise is considered. The Volterra functional expansion for the likelihood ratio, and two examples of calculating the kernels are presented. It is shown that kernels up to third order can be obtained for a hard-limited Gaussian process and for the absolute value(More)
Maximum likelihood estimation of the amplitude, phase, frequency, and arrival angle of a plane wave tone at an M-element linear array using equispaced discrete-time observations is considered. The estimator is obtained for the case when the signal amplitude at each element is equal and is extended to the case of arbitrary amplitudes. The Cramer-Rao bounds(More)
Global-positioning-system-guided indirect fire weapons can precisely engage high-value targets at long range, and the use of these weapons has been contemplated in complex terrain with obstacles and restricted airspace. Path planning for loitering weapons, such as unmanned aerial vehicles, has been well studied in the recent literature, but no path planning(More)
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