Richard J. Hartley

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AIM This new laser facilitated 'inside-out' technique was used for transvenous pacemaker insertion in a pacemaker-dependent patient with bilateral subclavian occlusion and a failed epicardial system who is not suitable for a transfemoral approach. METHOD AND RESULTS Procedure was undertaken under general anaesthesia with venous access obtained from right(More)
In this series, we treated chronic acromioclavicular disruption with an artificial coraco-clavicular ligament made from braided polyester (The Nottingham Surgilig). The ligament has a loop at each end and is passed around the coracoid process, threaded through itself, then passed around the posterior aspect of the clavicle and finally anchored to it with a(More)
This project investigates the feasibility of the use o f user-satisfaction as a multidimensional evaluative construct of search engines. Search engine developments are reviewed to reveal a range of indexing and retrieval techniques that may assist casual users in the information retrieval task. Yet few evaluation studies have considered the impact of system(More)