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INTRODUCTION Ankle fractures are common injuries affecting all age groups and constitute a large proportion of the orthopaedic trauma case load. Patients are usually admitted directly to the ward from the emergency department and a large number of bed-days are spent waiting for the ankle swelling to subside prior to surgery. We audited current practice and(More)
AIM This new laser facilitated 'inside-out' technique was used for transvenous pacemaker insertion in a pacemaker-dependent patient with bilateral subclavian occlusion and a failed epicardial system who is not suitable for a transfemoral approach. METHOD AND RESULTS Procedure was undertaken under general anaesthesia with venous access obtained from right(More)
In this series, we treated chronic acromioclavicular disruption with an artificial coraco-clavicular ligament made from braided polyester (The Nottingham Surgilig). The ligament has a loop at each end and is passed around the coracoid process, threaded through itself, then passed around the posterior aspect of the clavicle and finally anchored to it with a(More)