Richard J Hamburger

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BACKGROUND Characteristics such as age and race are often cited as determinants of the response of blood pressure to specific antihypertensive agents, but this clinically important issue has not been examined in sufficiently large trials, involving all standard treatments, to determine the effect of such factors. METHODS In a randomized, double-blind(More)
Acute renal failure usually occurs during hospitalization, but may also be present on admission to the hospital. To define the causes and outcomes of community-acquired acute renal failure, we undertook a prospective study of patients admitted to the hospital with acute elevations in serum creatinine concentrations. Over a 17-month period, all admission(More)
To determine factors involved in peritoneal dialysis-associated peritonitis and catheter loss, all point prevalent peritoneal dialysis patients in Health Care Finance Administration (HCFA) end-stage renal disease (ESRD) Network 9 were followed throughout 1991 for peritonitis events and throughout 1991 to 1992 for catheter survival. Data were collected by(More)
UNLABELLED Pharmacokinetics of icodextrin in peritoneal dialysis patients. BACKGROUND Icodextrin is a glucose polymer osmotic agent used to provide sustained ultrafiltration during long peritoneal dialysis (PD) dwells. A number of studies have evaluated the steady-state blood concentrations of icodextrin during repeated use; however, to date the(More)
PURPOSE To examine the association between incidentally discovered renal artery stenosis and deterioration of renal function as determined by the change in serum creatinine concentration over time. SUBJECTS AND METHODS We performed a retrospective review of consecutive patients who underwent aortography for aortoiliac vascular disease. Angiograms were(More)
BACKGROUND This article presents the results of two randomized, double-blind, controlled studies conducted to compare the efficacy and long-term safety of icodextrin and 2.5% dextrose for the once-daily long dwell in continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) and automated peritoneal dialysis (APD). METHODS Both studies were active-control(More)
OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of obesity and its interaction with age, race and the magnitude of blood pressure elevation in a large cohort of patients with mild to moderate hypertension and a high prevalence of left ventricular hypertrophy. BACKGROUND Obesity, race and age each have important effects on the incidence(More)
The intrarenal gradient of renin activity was determined in rats by using superficial (S) and deep (D) cortical juxtaglomerular apparatuses (JGA's), identified and microdissected after silicone-rubber compound injection. Angiotensin generated from single JGA's using partially purified sheep renin substrate was quantified by rat bioassay. When, in rats on a(More)