Richard J. Gimpelson

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OBJECTIVE Our purpose was to determine the incidence of incisional hernias after operative laparoscopy. STUDY DESIGN A retrospective case review was performed. RESULTS The frequency of incisional hernias at extraumbilical 10 and 12 mm trocar insertion sites was one in 429 (0.23%) cases and five in 161 (3.1%) cases, respectively; the difference is(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To compare the safety and effectiveness of the NovaSure impedance-controlled endometrial ablation system with hysteroscopic wire loop resection plus rollerball ablation for treatment of excessive uterine bleeding in premenopausal women. DESIGN Randomized, multicenter, double-arm study (Canadian Task Force classification I). SETTING Nine(More)
BACKGROUND The twin reversed-arterial-perfusion sequence is a complication of monochorionic twin pregnancies characterized by the hemodynamic dependence of a "recipient" twin from a "pump" twin. The recipient twin exhibits lethal abnormalities including acardia and acephaly. The pump twin has a mortality rate of 50% as a result of high-output heart failure.(More)
Of 143 women who underwent endometrial ablation from May 1986 through August 1991, 16 requested repeat endometrial ablation and 7 underwent hysterectomy. Only two of the hysterectomies were performed for bleeding, and no hysterectomy was needed for any woman who had a repeat endometrial ablation. For patients undergoing one ablation, the results were(More)
A total of 276 women underwent both panoramic hysteroscopy and dilatation and curettage. All of these patients underwent directed endometrial biopsies through the hysteroscope. Indications for operation included abnormal bleeding, postmenopausal bleeding, suspected leiomyoma with bleeding, follow-up for adenomatous hyperplasia, intrauterine contraceptive(More)
The masking or development of endometrial cancer after endometrial ablation is a concern often alluded to in discussions of complications of endometrial ablation. It is necessary to look for a common factor when this complication occurs. Six cases published in peer-reviewed literature were collected to establish a link between the development of endometrial(More)
The use of a fiber optic cable in contact with tissue results in a complex thermal interaction between the cable and the tissue. The effect of the laser-tissue interaction was investigated using sculptured quartz fiber optic cables, sapphire contact rods, and bare fiber optic cables attached to the Nd:YAG laser. The laser-tissue effects of the Nd:YAG and(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To evaluate the safety of a commonly used piston pump that controls the infusion pressure of low-viscosity fluids in a continuous-flow hysteroscopic system during operative hysteroscopy. DESIGN Consecutive patients requiring operative hysteroscopy. SETTING Three hospital facilities in the Midwest. PATIENTS Sequential sample of 250(More)