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Trying to remember something now typically improves your ability to remember it later. However, after watching a video of a simulated bank robbery, participants who verbally described the robber were 25% worse at identifying the robber in a lineup than were participants who instead listed U.S. states and capitals-this has been termed the "verbal(More)
We consider how government-owned enterprises affect privately owned rivals. Specifically, we compare the types of markets that municipally owned telecommunications providers in the United States serve to the types of markets that competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs) serve. We find that CLECs focus on potential profitability while municipalities(More)
This case study uses the Transaction Cost andKnowledge Management theoriesto investigate to what extent software development companies will employ in-house Manual Software Testers.This will allow us to analyze the extent to which knowledge management is influencing the future of manual software testers.Our empirical study covering a survey of 15 Canadian(More)
This work is dedicated to my family. iv ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Anytime someone embarks on a quest of this magnitude, it is the people around him that bear the disproportionate share of the difficulty. I have been working toward this PhD for 6 years. In that time, I have been fortunate enough to muster the support of some truly wonderful people. To begin with, this(More)
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