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STUDY OBJECTIVE We conducted a prospective, randomized, controlled trial to test the hypothesis that a 34-minute video self-instruction (VSI) training program for adult CPR would yield comparable or better CPR performance than the current community standard, the American Heart Association Heartsaver course. METHODS Incoming freshman medical students were(More)
A total of 3554 consumers, who selected beef steak menu items at nine restaurants, were surveyed on their attitudes to beef and their assessment of beef steak meals. Consumers were asked to describe the menu item, their assessment of steak size and the degree of doneness of the steak, both as they ordered it and how they perceived it was delivered.(More)
The increasing array and power of personal digital recordkeeping systems promises both to make it more difficult for established archives to acquire personal and family archives and less likely that individuals might wish to donate personal and family digital archives to archives, libraries, museums, and other institutions serving as documentary(More)