Richard J. Cloutier

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We present a single high level synthesis algorithm that schedules the operations of a data dependence graph, allocates the necessary hardware, and maps the operations to specific functional units. This is achieved by extending the global analysis approach developed for force-directed scheduling to include individual module instances. This new algorithm(More)
OBJECTIVES To present a conceptual model of disablement adapted from the WHO model and to conduct a pilot study with a measurement tool (LIFE-H) of the concepts of life habits and handicap situations. DESIGN Content validity and test-retest reliability study. SETTING General community. PARTICIPANTS A panel of 12 experts of rehabilitation for the(More)
This paper presents the Snapshot Method, a technique that fills a void in existing synthesis systems by considering inter-instruction data dependencies while defining a pipeline structure. These dependencies can make it impossible to overlap the execution of some sequences of instructions thus the detection and resolution of such sequences is an important(More)
This paper focuses on automatic synthesis of digital hardware from a behavioral description. Algorithms have been written and tested to perform automatic generation of control hardware and optimized microcode for specified data paths. The optimization algorithms produce a family of results based on cost and speed constraints supplied by the user. The(More)
Following the separation of spouses, a family undergoes a reorganization process where the choice of a formula for child custody represents a major step, which child's living environment will depend on. Despite the importance of this form of custody, it seems, in the context of the crisis following separation, that decisions surrounding that choice are(More)
This study focuses on the impacts of serial transitions on externalized and internalized behavior disorders, anxiety, and depression among children in child protection services. The research was carried out with a sample of 741 children. The findings demonstrate that the number of times a family is blended is a stronger predictive factor for children's(More)
The following article focuses on parent-adolescent communication from a perspective of the progressive entrance into adulthood of 12-18 year-olds. The notion of responsibleness is presented here as the learning process towards self-management. The hypothesis of the existence of synchronism between the adolescents' search for autonomy and their parents'(More)
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