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BACKGROUND Up to 50% of adverse events that occur in hospitals are preventable. Language barriers and disabilities that affect communication have been shown to decrease quality of care. We sought to assess whether communication problems are associated with an increased risk of preventable adverse events. METHODS We randomly selected 20 general hospitals(More)
Three groups of patients with orbital frontal lesions secondary to leukotomy were compared to psychiatric and normal control groups on a series of tasks involving language. The results indicated that chronic orbital frontal lesions, at least in the patients in this study, do not affect language as defined by the tasks used in the study. The frontal lobes,(More)
Plasma lidocaine concentrations were intermittently measured in 8 upper gastrointestinal endoscopy and 12 bronchoscopy patients. The highest individual concentration was 0.98 microgram/ml in the upper gastrointestinal endoscopy patients and 3.79 microgram/ml in the bronchoscopy patients. Highest concentrations were reached at 15 minutes in the(More)
Sixteen patients with an established diagnosis of oculopharyngeal muscular dystrophy underwent clinical, radiologic and manometric assessment. Secondary pharyngo-oral and pharyngonasal regurgitations are usually associated with this condition and chronic aspiration with consequent bronchorrhea is common. Such patients may present with marked oropharyngeal(More)
EPIZOOTIOLOGICAL ASPECTS OF PORCINE RESPIRATORY DISEASES WHICH WERE ENCOUNTERED IN QUEBEC FROM SEPTEMBER 1980 UNTIL FEBRUARY 1981: In the spring of 1981, a questionnaire was mailed to pig farmers of Quebec, in order to determine the epizootiological factors susceptible to account for the deaths which had occurred during the period extending from September(More)