Richard J. Brenner

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The expense and ineffectiveness of drift-based insecticide aerosols to control dengue epidemics has led to suppression strategies based on eliminating larval breeding sites. With the notable but short-lived exceptions of Cuba and Singapore, these source reduction efforts have met with little documented success; failure has chiefly been attributed to(More)
Screening for breast cancer with mammography has been shown to decrease mortality from breast cancer, and mammography is the mainstay of screening for clinically occult disease. Mammography, however, has well-recognized limitations, and recently, other imaging including ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging have been used as adjunctive screening tools,(More)
OBJECTIVE . This study was conducted to evaluate the outcome of cases of radial scar diagnosed by percutaneous core needle biopsy. MATERIALS AND METHODS Of 198 nonpalpable lesions diagnosed with radial scars found at core needle biopsy, 157 lesions constituting the study group had undergone surgical excision (n = 102) or mammographic surveillance after(More)
BACKGROUND Silicone breast implants have been used for decades and are arguably the most studied implantable device. However, the vast body of scientific literature has been unable to establish a definitive rupture rate. Various studies have evaluated implant rupture, but the meaningfulness of these data was confounded by the inclusion of different(More)
BACKGROUND Metaplastic carcinoma is a rare form of breast carcinoma that often is confused with other benign and malignant entities. The diagnosis can be difficult to establish on both a clinical and conventional histopathologic basis. One report recently described clinical and mammographic features dissimilar to the authors' experience but to the authors'(More)
In 2006, a single-center Swedish study demonstrated a low rupture rate and high patient satisfaction with the Style 410 shaped, form-stable gel implant. The current study aimed to validate the accuracy of the previously published results across multiple European sites. A total of 163 subjects (~70% had augmentation [n = 112], 15% had reconstruction [n =(More)
PURPOSE To compare cancer recurrence outcomes on the basis of compliant semiannual versus noncompliant annual ipsilateral mammographic surveillance following breast conservation therapy (BCT). MATERIALS AND METHODS A HIPAA-compliant retrospective review was performed of post-BCT examinations from 1997 through 2008 by using a deidentified database. The(More)
OBJECTIVE Scant information exists on the natural history of a retained wire fragment after needle localization for breast biopsy. We review 10 cases in which wire fragments were present 1.5-11 years after surgery. CONCLUSION Only one patient had symptoms attributed to the retained wire. Position of the wire fragment in the breast remained stable over(More)
PURPOSE To develop criteria to identify thresholds for minimally acceptable physician performance in interpreting screening mammography studies and to profile the impact that implementing these criteria may have on the practice of radiology in the United States. MATERIALS AND METHODS In an institutional review board-approved, HIPAA-compliant study, an(More)