Richard J. Barnes

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The ionosphere at high latitudes is the site of important effects in space weather. These include strong electrical currents that may disrupt power systems through induced currents and density irregularities that can degrade HF and satellite communication links. With the impetus provided by the National Space Weather Program, the radars of the Super Dual(More)
The Super Dual Auroral Radar Network (Super-DARN), which consists of networks of HF radars surrounding the northern and southern poles, has proven to be an extremely successful experimental technique in a wide range of scientific areas. The basic design of the radars, which contributes to SuperDARN, has remained virtually unchanged since the first radar was(More)
The paper presents a method for the optimal design of oil production platforms and the systematic evaluation of the economic production capacity of a main field with an adjacent satellite field. The problem is formulated as a mixed-integer linear programming formulation. Continuous variables represent individual well, jacket and topsides costs. Binary(More)
We summarize observations made by various researchers regarding the discharge potential, vertically integrated flows, and the Dupuit-Forchheimer approximation. If a regional flow model is formulated in terms of the discharge potential and the boundary conditions can be written in terms of the discharge potential and the boundary discharges, then the(More)
In this paper we focus on flux transfer events (FTEs) and poleward moving auroral forms (PMAFs) in the cusp region, combining data from the EISCAT Sval-bard radar, SuperDARN HF radars, ground-based optics, and three low-altitude polar-orbiting spacecraft. During an interval of southward interplanetary magnetic field the EISCAT Svalbard radar tracked a train(More)
—The design, operation and characterization of a continuous-wave (CW) tunable second-harmonic 460 GHz gyrotron are reported. The gyrotron is intended to be used as a submillimeter-wave source for 700 MHz nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) experiments with sensitivity enhanced by dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP). The gyrotron operates in the whispering(More)
This paper presents a general and systematic approach to address decisions in the design and operation of offshore oilfields. The approach is based on the formulation of mathematical models that are formulated to accommodate multiple production profiles. The profiles can be used to assess either the best strategy or, instead, possible implications in(More)
The study assessed differences in sensorimotor processing as reflected in measurements of saccadic latencies at 3 different stages in the menstrual cycle (menstruation, early luteal, and premenstruation) in naturally cycling women (n = 13), and at the same time intervals in women taking an oral contraceptive (n = 6), and male controls (n = 8). Subjects (M(More)