Richard J. Anthony

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The primary motivation for uptake of virtualization have been resource isolation, capacity management and resource customization: isolation and capacity management allow providers to isolate users from the site and control their resources usage while customization allows end-users to easily project the required environment onto a variety of sites. Various(More)
Virtualization technology has enabled applications to be decoupled from the underlying hardware providing the benefits of portability, better control over execution environment and isolation. It has been widely adopted in scientific grids and commercial clouds. Since virtualization, despite its benefits incurs a performance penalty, which could be(More)
Security is one of the key challenges in cyberphysical systems, because by their nature, any cyber attack against them can have physical repercussions. This is a critical issue for autonomous vehicles; if compromised in terms of their communications or computation they can cause considerable physical damage due to their mobility. Our aim here is to(More)
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