Richard I. Shrager

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Despite intensive experimental work on HIV-1, very little theoretical work has focused on HIV-1 spread in tissue culture. This article uses two systems of ordinary differential equations to model two modes of viral spread, cell-free virus and cell-to-cell contact. The two models produce remarkably similar qualitative results. Simulations using realistic(More)
Oxygen equilibrium curves of fresh, normal human blood have been measured by new methods which allow the control of pH, pCO2, and 2,3-diphosphoglycerate and which yield higher accuracy at the extremes of saturation than was possible previously. The curve determined by these techniques lies slightly to the right of the standard curve of Roughton et al.(More)
We analyzed 56 O2 equilibrium curves of fresh human blood, each from 0 to 150 Torr Po2. The data were collected over ranges of values for the 2,3-diphosphoglyceric acid-to-hemoglobin concentration ratio [DPG]/[Hb] of 0.2-2.7, for pH of 7.0-7.8, and for Pco2 of 7-70 Torr. Each curve was characterized according to the Adair scheme for the stepwise oxygenation(More)
The oxidation-reduction potentials of Escherichia coli cytochromes have been studied by a recently described technique for automated electrodic potentiometry (Hendler, R.W., Songco, D., and Clem, T.R. (1977) Anal. Chem. 49, 1908-1913; Hendler, R.W. (1977) Anal. Chem. 49, 1914-1918), where entire spectra are recorded at a series of solution potentials. New(More)
A syntax-directed picture analysis system based on a formal picture description scheme is described. The system accepts a description of a set of pictures in terms of a grammar generating strings in a picture description language; the grammar is explicitly used to direct the analysis or parse, and to control the calls on pattern classification routines for(More)
We have developed an optimal design strategy, i.e. a choice of times at which the magnetization should be measured, in spin-echo measurements, when the number of measurements is fixed in advance. Results are given for samples whose relaxation is described by either an exponential or biexponential decay curve. The analysis is based on having an initial(More)
Some new approaches to the kinetic study of the reduction of cytochrome aa3 by cytochrome c are presented. The primary innovations are the use of a spectrometer which can acquire multiwavelength data as fast as every 10 microseconds, and the application of a variety of analytical methods which can utilize simultaneously all of the time-resolved spectral(More)
The intensity of an isotropically weighted MR image is proportional to a rotationally invariant measure of bulk diffusion, Trace(D) (where D is the effective diffusion tensor). Such images can be acquired from as few as two diffusion-weighted images (DWIs). Analogously, the intensity of an anisotropically weighted MR image is proportional to a rotationally(More)
Cells grown in monolayer culture offer a convenient system for binding and other experiments under conditions that preserve the complexity of the living state. Kinetics experiments, however, may be distorted by the time course of drug penetration into even so simple a “tissue” as the monolayer. The impediments include unstirred layers both above and between(More)