Richard Horst

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We compared the performance deficiencies of airway management captured by three types of self-reports with those identified through video analysis. The three types of self-reports were the anesthesia record (a patient record constructed during the course of treatment), the anesthesia quality assurance (AQA) report (a retrospective report as a part of the(More)
Present surgical education relies on a combination of observation, peer review, and practice on cadavers, and animals. In contrast, simulation technology, known as virtual reality, offers the ability to practice, hands-on surgical procedures in computer models that exhibit physical and physiological characteristics of living humans.
A task-specific video recording effort at a trauma centre was studied. Task analysis methodology and an expert review of videos was used to access cognitive aspects of work and performance. Data collection included questionnaires and video reviews that used a template approach to task analysis and audio recordings of the experts “think aloud” performance(More)
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