Richard Hogan

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Data from a telephone survey of New Jersey group home providers, contracting with the State Division of Mental Retardation and Mental Health and Hospitals, evidence the assertions that providers who follow a standard public relations policy, arrange to meet with municipal officials, inform neighbors before moving-in, use local contacts, and invite the(More)
Diarrheal diseases are a major cause of illness and death in young children in most developing countries, with recent estimates attributing nearly 5 million deaths/year to children under 5 in developing countries excluding China. Because diarrheal disease mortality can be effectively reduced at reasonable cost by oral rehydration and possibly other(More)
“Prior Notification” policies have elicited fears of community opposition from agencies who have adopted a “low profile” approach in locating communitybased residential facilities. Nevertheless, data from a survey of New Jersey community care providers indicate that local government offcials express less opposition when informed of the proposed location and(More)
With continuing developments in computed tomography (CT) technology and its increasing use of CT imaging, the ionizing radiation dose from CT is becoming a major public concern particularly for high-dose applications such as cardiac imaging. We recently proposed a novel interior tomography approach for x-ray dose reduction that is very different from all(More)
Disease surveillance systems constitute the foundation of appropriate health plans. Surveillance data collection components at best are dependent on a series of contingencies. In developing countries scattered static health centres may result in biased and practically unusable data. A system is here described for collecting data from a sample of persons(More)
We combine labor market and class theory to explain how racial and gender income inequality endures in the transition from employment to retirement. Using data from Health and Retirement Study primary respondents who were not retired in 1992 (wave 1) but were retired in 2000 (wave 5), OLS regression and Heckman’s two step analysis indicate that: (1) black(More)
The public health debate on population growth and child mortality continues, fuelled by the hypothesis that in allowing more children to survive until reproductive age, programmes such as the Diarrhoeal Diseases Control Programme of the World Health Organization contribute to long-term human misery by overburdening the carrying capacity of the planet. A(More)