Richard Hillestad

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To broadly examine the potential health and financial benefits of health information technology (HIT), this paper compares health care with the use of IT in other industries. It estimates potential savings and costs of widespread adoption of electronic medical record (EMR) systems, models important health and safety benefits, and concludes that effective(More)
This review paper summarizes an ARPA-sponsored project to study variable-resolution modeling (VRM) and the connection of models across levels of resolution. We describe work introducing basic concepts, highlighting a design approach called integrated hierarchical variableresolution modeling (IHVR), exploring mathematically some long-standing issues of(More)
Health information technology (HIT) could save $81-$162 billion or more annually while greatly reducing morbidity and mortality. However, gaining these benefits requires broad adoption, effective implementation, and associated changes in health care processes and structures. The policy options that could speed the adoption of HIT and the realization of(More)
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