Richard Henry Morley

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Sykes and Matza introduced neutralization theory in 1957 to explain how juvenile delinquents retain a positive self-image when engaging in delinquent acts. Since then, aspects of neutralization theory have been incorporated into sociological and criminological theories to explain socially deviant behavior. Functional brain mapping research utilizing(More)
for spending long hours editing my work. To my brother David, for his providing me with advise on my analysis section. To my Father, Richard Morley, and my brothers, Tony and Daniel for standing beside me when I needed them. iv Acknowledgements I wanted to acknowledge my chair, Dr. Greg Allen, for providing his data and his time. I wanted to acknowledge my(More)
The main focus of this study is to investigate the degree to which self-compassion and selfcontrol buffer against hostility provoked by a negative life experience. To accomplish this inquiry pre and posttest state hostility measures were taken from sixty-six students displaying an increased negative affect following a statistics test. Repeat measures MANOVA(More)
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