Richard Helyer

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Binary mixtures of the protein lysozyme with glycogen, of DNA or RNA in glycogen, and the tertiary mixture of cells of the bacteria Bacillus subtilh, Escherichia coli, and Staphy-lococcusaurecls were subjected to pyrolysis mass spectrometry. To analyze the pyrolysis mass spectra so as to obtain quantitative information representative of the complex(More)
We recorded K(+) currents in inner (IHCs) and outer (OHCs) hair cells from mice at embryonic days 16 and 18 and on the day of birth (PO) to characterize their early physiological differentiation. In both cell types, outward currents increased in size during late embryonic development, in cells situated in both the apical and basal coils of the cochlea.(More)
Cell transplantation is a realistic potential therapy for replacement of auditory sensory neurons and could benefit patients with cochlear implants or acoustic neuropathies. The procedure involves many experimental variables, including the nature and conditioning of donor cells, surgical technique and degree of degeneration in the host tissue. It is(More)
We have established a model for the in-vitro differentiation of mouse cochlear hair cells and have used it to explore the influence of retinoic acid on proliferation, cytoskeletal proteins and voltage-gated potassium conductances. The model is based on the conditionally immortal cell line University of Sheffield/ventral otocyst-epithelial cell line clone 36(More)
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