Richard Harrington

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BACKGROUND The risk for emotional and behavioral problems is known to be high among children of depressed mothers, but little is known about the impact of prenatal and postnatal depression on the physical health of infants. OBJECTIVE To determine whether maternal depression is a risk factor for malnutrition and illness in infants living in a low-income(More)
The present study was based on the clinical data summaries ("item sheets") of children who attended the Maudsley Hospital, London, England, during the late 1960s and early 1970s. These summaries were used to identify a group of 80 child and adolescent psychiatric patients with an operationally defined depressive syndrome. The depressed children were(More)
Human activity causes increasing background concentrations of the greenhouse gases CO2 and O3. Increased levels of CO2 can be found in all terrestrial ecosystems. Damaging O3 concentrations currently occur over 29% of the world's temperate and subpolar forests but are predicted to affect fully 60% by 2100 (ref. 3). Although individual effects of CO2 and O3(More)
Managing ecosystems to ensure the provision of multiple ecosystem services is a key challenge for applied ecology. Functional traits are receiving increasing attention as the main ecological attributes by which different organisms and biological communities influence ecosystem services through their effects on underlying ecosystem processes. Here we(More)
Until relatively recently, the prevailing view was that mania was uncommon in preadolescent children. In the past 15 years, however, there has been increasing interest in the idea that mania may be much more common at younger ages than previously recognized. This article is concerned with the issue of whether preadolescent mania represents the same kind of(More)
This study describes the development of the Meta-cognitions Questionnaire for Adolescents (MCQ-A). The adult version of this questionnaire has been widely used, and the meta-cognitive theory of emotional disorders has become influential in the adult literature. This study sought to examine the prevalence and emotional correlates of meta-cognition in(More)
PURPOSE To review the effectiveness of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) as a treatment for anxiety disorders of childhood and adolescence. METHOD Studies were included if they treated young people (under 19 yrs) with diagnosed anxiety disorder (excluding trials solely treating phobia, PTSD or OCD), had a no-treatment control group, and used diagnosis as(More)
OBJECTIVE To establish whether an intervention given by child psychiatric social workers to the families of children and adolescents who had attempted suicide by taking an overdose reduced the patients' suicidal feelings and improved family functioning. METHOD One hundred sixty-two patients, aged 16 or younger, who had deliberately poisoned themselves(More)
Recent family and twin study findings suggest that ADHD when comorbid with conduct problems may represent a particularly familial and heritable form of ADHD. Although several independent groups have shown association between the DRD4 7 repeat allele and ADHD, others have failed to replicate this finding. Previous TDT analyses of UK and Eire samples had also(More)
Plants defend themselves against attack by natural enemies, and these defenses vary widely across populations. However, whether communities of natural enemies are a sufficiently potent force to maintain polymorphisms in defensive traits is largely unknown. Here, we exploit the genetic resources of Arabidopsis thaliana, coupled with 39 years of field data on(More)