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Many important economic questions hinge on the extent to which new goods either crowd out or complement consumption of existing products. Recent methods for studying new goods rule out complementarity by assumption, so their applicability to these questions has been limited. I develop a new model that relaxes this restriction, and use it to study(More)
Alex Taylor is a PhD student working at the Digital World Research Centre (DWRC). His research contributes to the STEMPEC (Socio-Technical Shaping of Multimedia Personal Communications) project. This project, sponsored by the major mobile telephone operators in the UK, aims to provide a coherent, interdisciplinary analysis of societal reaction to technology(More)
Abs tra c t This paper reports on an ethnographically informed observation of the use of mobile phones and text messaging services amongst young people. It offers a sociological explanation for the popularity of text messaging and for the sharing of mobile phones between co-proximate persons. Specifically, it reveals that young people use mobile phone(More)
The organizational and social aspects of software engineering (SE) are now increasingly well investigated. This paper proposes that there are a number of approaches taken in research that can be distinguished not by their method or topic but by the different views they construct of the human agent acting in SE. These views have implications for the(More)
an international group of thirty researchers attended a workshop on Roslagens Pärla, a small island in the Swedish archipelago. The topic of the workshop was 'Personal and Social Navigation' of Information Spaces. Although the researchers came from a wide variety of backgrounds — computer science, human-computer interaction, social science, psychology,(More)
Preamble We are often told that mobiles, and that mobile texting in particular, has changed the lives of teenagers (Ling 2004; Nyiri 2003). One can easily imagine how, in the past, teenagers would wonder what their friends were up to, and would have to exercise their minds to figure this out: now, in contrast, they can call or text them. Thus the walls of(More)
Mobile telephony adoption is on the rise, with industry projections suggesting that wireless subscribers will reach 1 billion worldwide by 2002 [3]. Recent technological innovations have also dramatically enhanced the capabilities of the wireless telephone [8]. No longer restricted to voice communications, wireless devices are now also able to transmit and(More)
Description: Development is it a powerful vision of a better life for the half of the world s population who subsist on two dollars a day? Or is it a failed Enlightenment legacy, an oppressive 'master narrative'? Such questions inspire a field newly animated by theories of globalization, modernity, cultural hybridity, and transnationalism. The Anthropology(More)