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Abs tra c t This paper reports on an ethnographically informed observation of the use of mobile phones and text messaging services amongst young people. It offers a sociological explanation for the popularity of text messaging and for the sharing of mobile phones between co-proximate persons. Specifically, it reveals that young people use mobile phone(More)
AIMS (1) To explore the relation between performance on tasks of familiar face recognition (FFR) and face expression difference discrimination (FED) with both perceived disability in face recognition and clinical measures of visual function in subjects with age related macular degeneration (AMD). (2) To quantify the gain in performance for face recognition(More)
The organizational and social aspects of software engineering (SE) are now increasingly well investigated. This paper proposes that there are a number of approaches taken in research that can be distinguished not by their method or topic but by the different views they construct of the human agent acting in SE. These views have implications for the(More)
Proximal tubular epithelial cells from mice which develop autoimmune interstitial nephritis were found to express the nephritogenic target antigen, 3M-1. Anti-3M-1 mAbs (alpha 3M-1-Ab) were used to positively select for 3M-1-secreting tubular epithelium and, after stabilization in culture, this new cell line (MCT) was examined for the production of several(More)
an international group of thirty researchers attended a workshop on Roslagens Pärla, a small island in the Swedish archipelago. The topic of the workshop was 'Personal and Social Navigation' of Information Spaces. Although the researchers came from a wide variety of backgrounds — computer science, human-computer interaction, social science, psychology,(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the range of clinical features to correlate genotypic and phenotypic manifestations in hereditary progressive and/or levodopa-responsive dystonia due to a defect in the guanosine triphosphate-cyclohydrolase (GCH1) gene. DESIGN AND SETTING A large family from Texas was studied in an ambulatory setting by clinicians in genetics,(More)
Foreword This report contains the findings of a 1999 canvass of all primary wood-using plants in South Carolina, and presents changes in product output and residue use since 1997. It complements the Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) periodic inventory of volume and removals from the State's timberland. The canvass was conducted to determine the amount and(More)
Papillary fibroblasts, when compared to reticular fibroblasts from the same skin specimen, exhibit greater proliferative capacities in vitro. These results demonstrate a difference in function between morphologically similar cells obtained from the same tissue. Such findings represent an important consideration in the study of cell aging in vitro.
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