Richard Hammel

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Hospital pharmacists in a Midwestern, metropolitan area were surveyed to determine levels of job satisfaction. Of the 195 pharmacists who received the 120-item questionnaire, 132 (68%) responded. The questionnaire included facet-free questions which reflect the overall satisfaction of an individual with his job. Results to these questions were compared to(More)
Reasons for the low levels of job satisfaction reported by hospital pharmacy personnel, the potential impact of this dissatisfaction on the profession, and possible solutions to the problem are discussed. Low levels of satisfaction among hospital pharmacists may be largely because of the manner in which pharmacy is practiced. While leaders in pharmacy have(More)
Job satisfaction of hospital pharmacists and of support personnel in two Arizona cities were compared. A survey composed of job-satisfaction measures that have been used in previous research was sent to all hospital pharmacy personnel (270 pharmacists and 208 support personnel) in Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona. Sixteen facet-free questions measured overall(More)
Development of a method to determine the manpower requirements needed to adequately staff a pharmacy department in a 760-bed teaching hospital is discussed. The Michigan Hospital Staffing Methodology Manual, direct observations, interviews and diaries were used to gather data. An example of the data collected for the dispensing area is presented. The data(More)