Richard Hamilton

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Researchers have documented extreme inequalities in wealth ownership, but the processes that create these inequalities are not well understood. One important contributing factor that attracts little attention is religion. This study explores the relationship between religious participation, religious affiliation, and patterns of wealth accumulation. I argue(More)
We consider an embedded convex ancient solution Γt to the curve shortening flow in R 2. We prove that there are only two possibilities: the family Γt is either the family of contracting circles, which is a type I ancient solution, or the family of evolving Angenent ovals, which correspond to a type II ancient solution to the curve shortening flow. We also(More)
Genome sequences of Methylobacter luteus, Methylobacter whittenburyi, Methylosarcina fibrata, Methylomicrobium agile, and Methylovulum miyakonense were generated. The strains represent aerobic methanotrophs typically isolated from various terrestrial ecosystems.
OBJECTIVE This article sought to define whether an alternative safety-engineered device (SED) could help prevent needlestick injury (NSI) in healthcare workers (HCWs) who place central venous catheters (CVCs). DESIGN The study involved three phases: (1) A retrospective analysis of deidentified occupational health records from our tertiary care urban US(More)
Geomorphology of Vancouver Island [electronic resource]: extended legends to nine thematic maps. Citation Guthrie, R.H. 2005. Geomorphology of Vancouver Island [electronic resource]: extended legends to nine thematic maps. Disclaimer: Interpretation of the results and analysis are solely those of the author and do not represent the opinions of the Ministry(More)
Bentley et al.'s scheme generates distributions characteristic of situations of high and low social influence on decisions and of high and low salience ("transparency") of rewards. Another element of decisions that may influence the placement of a decision process in their map is the way in which individual decisions interact to determine the payoffs. This(More)
INTRODUCTION The smallpox vaccination emergency preparedness program has been unsuccessful in enrolling sufficient numbers of healthcare workers. OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to use game theory to analyze a pre-event vaccination versus post-event vaccination program using the example of a terrorist considering an attack with smallpox or a(More)