Richard Hamilton

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Researchers have documented extreme inequalities in wealth ownership, but the processes that create these inequalities are not well understood. One important contributing factor that attracts little attention is religion. This study explores the relationship between religious participation, religious affiliation, and patterns of wealth accumulation. I argue(More)
This study used a novel multidimensional locus of control instrument (I-SEE) to investigate the relationship between locus of control, motivation, and academic achievement in three different types of school. The strengths of the I-SEE are that it incorporates the construct of self-efficacy and that it is embedded in a model of personality and action based(More)
The largest rookery for hawksbill turtles in the oceanic South Pacific is the Arnavon Islands, which are located in the Manning Strait between Isabel and Choiseul Province, Solomon Islands. The history of this rookery is one of overexploitation, conflict and violence. Throughout the 1800s Roviana headhunters from New Georgia repeatedly raided the Manning(More)
We isolated and characterized 29 microsatellite loci for the bumphead parrotfish, Bolbometopon muricatum, a wide-ranging parrotfish listed as vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The 29 loci were tested on 95 individuals sampled from the Solomon Islands. The number of alleles ranged from two to ten. Evidence of linkage(More)
Bolbometopon muricatum, the largest species of parrotfish, is a functionally important species that is characterised by the formation of aggregations for foraging, reproductive, and sleeping behaviours. Aggregations are restricted to shallow reef habitats, the locations of which are often known to local fishers. Bolbometopon muricatum fisheries are(More)
Conservation commonly requires trade-offs between social and ecological goals. For tropical small-scale fisheries, spatial scales of socially appropriate management are generally small-the median no-take locally managed marine area (LMMA) area throughout the Pacific is less than 1 km(2). This is of particular concern for large coral reef fishes, such as(More)
Acknowledgements Many people have provided input into the development, design and data entry of the SCRFA Database from which this Status Report has been produced. The Database was instigated by the SCRFA Board of Directors in 2000, with significant development since 2002. A special thanks is due to Leath Muller who has spent countless hours developing and(More)
This study examined the construct validity of the motivational component of the Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire using both exploratory factor analysis (EFA) and confirmatory factor analysis (CFA). 327 students enrolled in Bachelor of Education and Graduate Diploma Education courses at the University of Auckland participated in this study(More)
BACKGROUND The Material Appropriate Processing (MAP) framework suggests that the influence of a text adjunct on the learning and transfer of textual information will be moderated by the overlap between type of processing induced by the adjunct and by the organisation of the text. The two types of processing are item specific processing and relational(More)
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