Richard Hable

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This paper provides a description of the technical implementation of a complete software and hardware solution supporting guided factory tours in an industrial environment. It starts with an overview of the strategies applied to come up with a working solution satisfying given user requirements. The overall architecture of the system is shown based on(More)
Penetration testing is a time consuming process which combines different mechanisms (security standards, protocols, best practices, vulnerability databases, techniques and guidelines) to evaluate computer systems and network vulnerabilities. It's main goal is to identify security weaknesses by using methods and procedures that are commonly used by malicious(More)
The widespread use of mobile phones has opened up new ways of communicating with large numbers of people. Companies can use personalized SMS messages as a fast and cost-efficient means of providing customers with information and receiving immediate feedback. In this paper the design, development, and use of a mobile marketing platform is described both from(More)
Context of usage significantly influences acceptance of mobile apps. State of the art methods of technology acceptance research can assess limited aspects of context. In this paper, we outline the development of a contextsensitive support tool for mobile technology acceptance research. The tool consists of four basic components (a tracking service, a survey(More)
Data quality is a key factor in the successful application of customer relationship management (CRM) software, especially when the data is used for mobile real-time communication with customers. Based on information from literature, strategies and measures for data quality improvements have been selected, applied and evaluated during the introduction and(More)
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