Richard H. Willis

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Analyst stock recommendation data are from Zacks Investment Research; transaction data are from the Trade and Quote database; equity and debt offerings data are from Securities Data Corporation. Errors or omissions are our responsibility. ABSTRACT Regulators' interest in analyst recommendations stems from the belief that small investors are unaware of the(More)
While investigating the cytotoxic activity of the methanol extract of an Australian marine sponge Stelletta sp. (Demospongiae), a new diketopiperazine, cyclo-(4-S-hydroxy-R-proline-R-isoleucine) (1), was isolated together with the known bengamides; A (2), F (3), N (4), Y (5), and bengazoles; Z (6), C(4) (7) and C(6) (8). The isolation and structure(More)
The methanol extract of an assemblage of Halimeda stuposa and a Dictyota sp., yielded three natural products characteristic of Dictyota sp., and one of Halimeda sp. These included the xenicane diterpene 4-hydroxydictyolactone (1), and the diterpenes dictyol E (2), 8a,11-dihydroxypachydictyol A (3) and indole-3-carboxaldehyde (4). A minor revision of 1 and(More)
The viviparous Great Barrier Reef sponge Luffariella variabilis (Poléjaeff 1884) contains a range of secondary metabolites, including manoalide (1) and manoalide monoacetate (3). ESI (+) FTICR-MS accurate mass determination has, for the first time, been used to detected the presence of 3 only in an organic extract of a single L. variabilis larva showing(More)
or omissions are our responsibility. Abstract Prior research demonstrates that analysts whose recommendation revisions earned the most (least) positive excess returns in the past continue to outperform (underperform) other analysts in the future. We extend this work by investigating the determinants of persistent stock picking ability. We find that the best(More)
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